About Us

Society History

The Poor Knights of St Dysmas were formed in 1997, to take part in medieval re-enactment events.

The name was based on ‘Poor Knights’, militant orders or Christian knights of the medieval period. There were many more or less well known orders dedicated to different saints and it seemed fun, and not historically impossible, that there might be one dedicated to the penitent thief St. Dysmas the patron saint of prisoners and undertakers.

However the militant orders had lost significance by the late middle ages, so we also use the name ‘Company of St. Dysmas’ for the ‘wars of the roses’ period (late 15thC) , and ‘Crew of the sloop, the Dysmas’ for our later ‘Golden age of Piracy’ (late 17th, early 18thC) re-enactment activities.

Since ’97 the company of St. Dysmas have taken part in many re-enactment events, from small shows to the most prestigious national events.

Some of St Dysmas in camp at Tatton Park